If you’re planning on selling your house, consider making your house a green home before putting it on the market. You’re likely to make more money and the house might sell faster.


What is a Green Home?

A “green” home is one that contains efficient features that help reduce energy and water usage.


Why are green houses more desirable?

A green home creates a more healthy environment for you and your family, and it’s more energy efficient. Here are a few benefits of a green home:

  • Lower utility bills.
  • Less toxic environment.
  • Leaving the planet a better place for future generations.


Not all green homes are alike, but they contain some of the following features:

  • The home was built with an eye to minimize waste during the construction.
  • Interior features are nontoxic.
  • The builders use renewable resources, such as bamboo for floors.
  • Green homes feature recycled components, such as glass tiles.
  • Appliances are energy-efficient.
  • The home may feature solar panels.
  • The home is built to conserve water during landscape irrigation.
  • The home may have a rainwater capture system.
  • The builder strategically plants landscape trees to provide shade.The builder carefully considers window placement to maximize natural light.


Celebrate Earth Day by making small changes around your house that contribute to a healthy environment for you and Mother Earth.