Answer: 6 seconds!

YouTube is full of videos that show just how easy it is to break into a garage with a simple wire coat hanger. A search using “break into a garage with a wire hanger” turns up dozens of these videos.

It’s the fourth most-common entry point for residential break-ins, so it’s a good idea to button up when it comes to your attached garage. Mershon Realty is here to show you ways to prevent it from happening to you.

What can you do? A few DIYs can secure your garage:

Check out this video which provides a commercial solution that you can install yourself with a few screws.

For a do-it-yourself home-grown solution, check out this video, which recommends using a 1-by-4-inch piece of wood. Fast forward to 3:31 in this video to see how.

Other tips to secure your home garage:

  • Install a home security system.
  • Don’t leave your garage remote in plain view in your car.
  • Always lock the entry door between the garage and your house.
  • Lock any other doors or windows to your garage.
  • Frost the glass on or add window film to your garage windows so no one can see in.
  • Check with your garage door retailer to see what safety or security features are available for your model.


What you shouldn’t do

You might be tempted to disengage the emergency release or secure it with a tie wrap, but that is a code no-no! The emergency release must always be operable in case the door were to trap someone.