Pupdate a vintage TV console. You’ll love the picture perfect image.


kitchen nook for pets

Don’t forget your furry friends when you’re planning a kitchen remodel. Dogs love to be part of kitchen life. Their own built-in alcove keeps them close but not underfoot.


under stair dog nook

Don’t let extra space under the stairs go to waste. Make a “dog-safe zone” to keep them comfortable and entertained.


Who said cats don’t like walks? Give them the ultimate cat walk. If you need extra space to accommodate your active household, attic conversions are smart remodeling projects. You’ll gain extra living area using walls, ceilings, and floors that are already in place.


dog wash station

Muddy paws and rain-soaked coats are a small price to pay for the endless joys of having a dog. With a dog washing station, the minimal annoyances are even less of a burden.


bird cage kitchen window

What’s more soothing than waking up to chirping birds? How about having those birds right outside your kitchen window? The aviary is protected from the elements, and a screen keeps birds from roaming inside the house.


fish tank bathroom sink

This living fixture is an ideal addition to a green bathroom. Green cleaning products are great for getting smudges off your acrylic aquarium sink.