For many of us, a time will come for us to attend to our aging parents. You may not have planned for your elderly parents to one day live with you and your family. What if you can’t afford to move them into a retirement or care facility? What if you don’t have the space? If you haven’t looked into a home with a mother-in-law suite, perhaps you should take a look at a house with an add-on apartment.

Using space within your own house may save on the costs of care. For elderly parents who require some care but don’t require full-time help to manage their daily activities, a mother-in-law suite can help reduce expenses. Costs associated with living in a retirement community, hiring live-in care, or care in a similar facility can be enormous.

When you add in the costs of medication, health care and other miscellaneous expenses, the total can be even higher. For many families, a home with a mother-in-law suite is a great idea.

Greater Independence

mother-in-law suite atticMany elderly parents fear losing their independence. This separate space, while not always a large area, includes a small kitchen, bathroom, living space and bedroom. In a home with a mother-in-law suite, aging parents get a sense of independence because they keep their own privacy and interact with family members at their leisure without feeling like a prisoner or a burden. This also relieves some stress for family members, knowing that parents can enjoy their own activities while remaining close should any issues arise.

Along with independence, sharing space with other family members can also improve the quality of life for aging parents and family members. Grandparents can feel needed while spending time with their grandchildren, and family members can feel comfortable knowing that additional adults are in the home, which offers more flexibility when it comes to work schedules and other activities.

It also helps to have some added support for parents when grandparents are available to verbally, emotionally and physically support children in the home. Grandparents are wise and knowledgeable, and they’ve done this before! It’s an added way to bring a level of closeness among family members in the household while offering a positive influence.

Perfect for Guests

mother-in-law apartmentEven if you don’t have elderly parents or aren’t ready for your parents to move in, having a separate suite is also convenient for guests. No one wants to be a burden when visiting friends or relatives. Having a separate but nearby space allows both your family and your guest to feel comfortable during a visit. Guest don’t have to feel as though they are bothering or troubling anyone should they get hungry or want to make a cup of coffee. Family members can feel comfortable at home knowing their guests are located in a different area, and they can relax even though they have company.

So who should be purchasing these types of homes? Families that one day may have the responsibility of having to care for their parents should start thinking of what alternative options they can manage, including homes with a mother-in-law suite. With so many added benefits of having a home with an extra apartment, don’t wait until it’s too late. Start planning now.